Kapokapowai–Dancing the joy of Living on the edges of life

Kapokapowai–Dancing the joy of Living on the edges of life

Kapokapowai is the dragonfly and damselfly, shiny
and bejewelled, humming in the sunlight as it hovers and darts on the fringes
of lakes and river banks. 

Kapokapowai is vibrant with the joy of living,
content in its purpose and the pleasure of the moment.


Kapokapowai asks us to be true to ourselves and our
own rhythms.


I am alive.

I am joyously alive.

Day by day, I am learning to be true to myself, to follow my unique rhythms and vibrations.

I celebrate the joy of being a spiritual being on a human journey

I celebrate the joy of being a spiritual being on a human journey


Have you ever noticed dragonflies flitting along the edges of a lake or pond on a bright summer day? A colourful, bejewelled insect doing what dragonflies do, oblivious to all but its own journey? They seem to float and hover weightlessly in the air. Have you ever thought about having a life just like it, doing what you love to do without a care in the world? How joyous would that be?

Dragonflies are gorgeous, often with bodies seemingly covered in glittering jewels, with bright diaphanous translucent wings that vibrate and tune with the sunlight. But, of course, like all insects, they are out looking for food and woe betide an insect of their preferred prey that gets within range. Their sunlight dance is purposeful and necessary, as they are in the summer stage of their lives, readying themselves to reproduce and continue the cycle of their species’ existence. And yet there is something about their erratic, apparently unplanned path that can lift our hearts and spirits.

Remember that they have gone through the four stages of their existence, from egg to grub to chrysalis, before emerging to dry their wings and complete their purpose. Our own lives are, in many ways, like that. From conception to maturity, we are in a constant state of evolution and growth. Some of us find our purpose early in life, while others take longer and don’t find it until well into our middle years. However, we all have a Kaupapa, a reason for being here, and lessons to be learned.

Sometimes it all seems too much, or we are weighed down by a job we don’t like, people around us that are toxic to our sense of well-being, or even simply coping with each day as it comes. Life is like that, and the measure of our lives may well be our attitude and approach to the inevitable adversity we will encounter. We can choose to be weighed down by it or treat it as an opportunity for growth and approach it with joy in the knowledge that we are never given anything we cannot handle.

Note the predominance of red on the card. Blood is red, and blood is life. The centre of our bloodstream is te ngakau, the heart, traditionally depicted as being red. Note that the colour on the card is bright and glowing, with no darkness in it whatsoever. It is a clear, joyous red.

If Kapokapowai has appeared for you, then you are being asked to look at the life you are leading at the moment, and to seek out those things in your life for which you are grateful and which bring you joy, to focus on the joyous and positive rather than the heavy and negative.

You might well ask yourself

what brings me joy?

What fills me up?

Am I living the life I would like? If not, why not?

What is keeping me from joy?

What can I do about that?

And remember. Depression is a state of mind, but joy comes from the heart.

Kapokapowai–Dancing the joy of Living on the edges of life

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Tony Bridge

Tony Bridge
I am tangata whenua-Maaori (Te Rarawa, Te Rapuwai, Waitaha), following the songline gifted to me by my tupuna.
I am a weaver of words and pictures, a photographer, digital artist, poet, published author and Fujifilm Global Ambassador.

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