The time for talking and taking has passed. 

It is now time to give back, honour and return.

Nau mai hare mae ki taku pae tukutuku.

Welcome to this website.

All Life is a rich, wondrous tapestry of interwoven songlines.

All of us are creations.

All of us are creative.

All of us are creators.

In living our lives, we join in the universal song of life.

Our lives are living artworks which are never completed.

He kaikaranga ahau. I am a weaver of words and pictures.

I use these to portray wairua, the invisible essence which binds all things. To attempt to make visible the invisible. The passage of the moon across a sky of woven clouds draws me; the softslipper shimmer of light on water and the sudden call of a bird high in the treetops joyously peeling apart the air are treasures for our hearts and souls. 

The slow green sigh of moss on a forest floor or the spaces between raindrops call us all to explore, integrate, and celebrate.

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